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Weardale Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is proud to be able to offer state of the art 3D printed PHITS orthotics.


We provide an assessment for the orthotics that involves standing, walking and/ or running over our foot scanner this provides a fully dynamic assessment your foot's movment and the pressures each area endures. This assessment is anylised and and the insole is designed and tailor made to each indvidual foot's needs.


As the insoles are 3D printed using the lastest technology they offer superior stability and endurance whilst maintaining the ability to be extreemly thin. They are designed to fit in most shoes, you can even specifically order a thinner slimline version, or ones specifally for cycling shoes. So whether you are an athlete like Paula Radcliffe or someone who is on their feet all day at work or anyone in between we are able to provide the perfect fit and reduce your risk of injury.









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